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Registration for Giardina 2023

15-19 March 2023

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Please complete a separate registration form for each exhibitor or co-exhibitor.

Desired participation

As a main exhibitor, we hereby order the following exhibition space (observe minimum area):

Open sides may not be closed off without permission from the Exhibition Management.

As a main exhibitor, we hereby order the following exhibition space (minimum area 10 m²)

Open sides may not be blocked without authorization by the Exhibition management.

Registration of a co-exhibitor

A co-exhibitor fee of CHF 1.350 plus Swiss VAT, which is currently 7.7%, will be charged for each co-exhibitor registered.

About your participation
Exhibition Programme

Please list the products/services/brands that you will be presenting at Giardina. A detailed list is essential. If goods are presented which are not declared here, the Exhibition Management may prohibit their sale and order their removal from the show. All costs involved shall be borne by the exhibitor.

Presentation of third-party products
The presentation of products from third parties (partner companies, sponsors, etc.) at the exhibitor’s stand is permitted only with the advance approval of the Exhibition Management. A co-exhibitor fee may be charged.

Stand construction sketch / photos
If available, please send us a stand construction sketch and/or pictures, photos of your stand.

Prior submission / review of the stand concept is participate in the Giardina Style area. If you do not yet have a stand concept, please submit it as soon as possible.

Exhibitor Directory

Enhanced listing (print & online)
Book one of the attractive additional packages and tailor the compulsory basic listing in the exhibitor directory to your requirements.

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