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Registration for Giardina 2022

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Please complete a separate registration form for each exhibitor or co-exhibitor.

Desired participation

As a main exhibitor, we hereby order the following exhibition space (observe minimum area):

Open sides may not be closed off without permission from the Exhibition Management.

As a main exhibitor, we hereby order the following exhibition space (minimum area 10 m²)

Open sides may not be blocked without authorization by the Exhibition management.

Registration of a co-exhibitor

A co-exhibitor fee of CHF 1.350 plus Swiss VAT, which is currently 7.7%, will be charged for each co-exhibitor registered.

About your participation
Exhibition Programme

Please list the products/services/brands that you will be presenting at Giardina. A detailed list is essential. If goods are presented which are not declared here, the Exhibition Management may prohibit their sale and order their removal from the show. All costs involved shall be borne by the exhibitor.

Presentation of third-party products
The presentation of products from third parties (partner companies, sponsors, etc.) at the exhibitor’s stand is permitted only with the advance approval of the Exhibition Management. A co-exhibitor fee may be charged.

Stand construction sketch / photos
If available, please send us a stand construction sketch and/or pictures, photos of your stand.

Prior submission / review of the stand concept is participate in the Giardina Style area. If you do not yet have a stand concept, please submit it as soon as possible.

Exhibitor Directory

Enhanced listing (print & online)
Book one of the attractive additional packages and tailor the compulsory basic listing in the exhibitor directory to your requirements.

Booking individual services



Advertising Options

Boost your show presence: Giardina offers you a range of advertising opportunities.

  • Free Giardina advertising material (flyers, posters, online banners)
  • Adversiting space on site such as banners or LED Screen ads
  • Discounted advertising and online advertising in selected publications
  • Ticket marketing: admission vouchers and online codes
Additional services

A) In particular, the following additional services must be obtained from the official partners of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MCH") for a fee if you require them:

  • Technical connections (e.g. electricity, water etc.)
  • Event technology
  • Materials handling vehicles
  • Management of empties

You can find details of the individual services of each official partner, which you can order from them as required, in the various service shops (m-manager, Smartlog), along with all prices and all other required information.

The services will be provided directly by MCH’s official partners. Orders can be submitted from summer 2021 at the earliest.

The official partner will contact you receiving your order.

We will bill any services you order from our official partners in the name and on behalf of those official partners in our final invoice and collect the amount due accordingly.


B) The following additional services must be obtained from MCH subject to a charge:

  • Basic presence on the online platform
  • Suspensions (Rigging)
  • Transport and handling of goods (only on the exhibition grounds and with a total weight of > 3.5t)

All prices are in Swiss francs and exclusive of Swiss value added tax of currently 7.7 %.

The services may be provided by MCH itself or by official partners it has enlisted.


By this registration, you confirm that you will take out the following insurance policies with sufficient sums insured and for the duration of the contract:

  • Liability insurance for personal injury and property damage with a sum insured of > CHF 5 million, if the amount covered by the participation package is too low;
  • Property insurance for fire and natural hazards of > CHF 10'000, if the amount covered by the participation package is too low;
  • Transport insurance for all risks (loss and damage including coverage for property damage and losses resulting from damage by third parties, breakages, rust and oxidation, waterlogging, leakages, theft or loss, robbery and damage as a result of all accidents involving means of transport)
  • Exhibition insurance (coverage as for transport insurance but excluding damage that occurs during transportation)

You can apply to take out the above insurance policies from Baloise Insurance Ltd via m-manager.
MCH will ask you to submit the relevant proofs of insurance approximately two weeks before construction work begins. If you are unable to present these proofs of insurance to MCH at this point in time, or can only present individual proofs of insurance, MCH will purchase the missing insurance policies in its own name but for your account, in which case a coverage shortfall may occur. You hereby accept the risk of a coverage shortfall arising in scenario and agree to bear the shortfall yourself. The insurance premium and all taxes charged will be billed to you on the final invoice.
However, you may also submit a written waiver to us up to two weeks before construction begins in which you declare that you do not want MCH to purchase insurance policies for you. The appropriate form for the waiver can also be found in m-manager.

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed.

Contact details

We are registering the following company as a co-exhibitor at our exhibition stand.

Exhibitor or co-exhibitor

The contact will receive important correspondence and invitations to Giardina events at the e-mail and/or postal address given.

Billing address
General conditions of contract

Data usage statement

The personal data recorded in this form will be saved and used to process your registration and as part of the performance of the Exhibitor Agreement. The processing may be carried out by MCH itself or by contract processors it has enlisted.

By registering, you declare that you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Declaration and that you accept this.

**Contrary to section 18.2 para. 1 of the Exhibitor Regulations (last updated: September 2020), the exhibitor shall not be obliged – in the event that the exhibition is cancelled by MCH before its official opening day for reasons detailed in section 18.1 of the Exhibitor Regulations (last updated: September 2020) – to contribute towards the costs that MCH has incurred up until the time of the cancellation. This means that the net fee for the exhibition space/the participation package you have booked will be refunded to you in full provided and to the extent that you have made an advance payment in this regard. MCH and the exhibitor shall be released from their respective contractual duties at the time of the exhibition’s cancellation; all claims of the exhibitor against MCH, including in particular but not limited to claims for compensation and reimbursement of expenses (e.g. for stand construction services, overnight stays at hotels and travel costs) that the exhibitor has already incurred in respect of its participation in the exhibition are excluded. The other provisions of section 18.2 remain applicable without any changes.

All prices are exclusive of 7,7 % VAT.

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.