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For exhibitors

General information about SmartSuisse

  • Companies can only participate in SmartSuisse with a “participation package”.
  • The booth construction is uniform, no special adaptations are possible. Interior fittings can however be designed individually by the exhibitor.
  • Free catering: Each forum participant and visitor will be offered lunch by the exhibitors.
  • The networking zone will be used by exhibitors as a meeting and catering area. Booth catering is therefore not permitted.
  • Exhibitors undertake to stay until the end of the exhibition each evening. Early dismantling is not permitted!

Your contact for information about participation in SmartSuisse
Julien Rousseau
Brand Director
+41 58 206 25 84

Participation package(s)

Exhibition Packages
  • Booth space including personalised back wall (illuminated)
  • Voucher for booth fixtures and fittings depending on size*
  • Free congress/exhibitor cards depending on size
  • Basic presence in online platform and hall plan
  • Carpet, lighting and booth cleaning
  • Electricity connection including consumption
  • Exhibitor WiFi

* This credit will only be deducted from the order amount for additional fixtures and fittings if booth fixtures and fittings are ordered from MCH. Any remaining credit cannot be reimbursed or offset.

Partner Packages

Please note that a selection can only be made here if you have already selected an Exhibition Package.

Talk 15 min. | 2 congress tickets | 1 newsletter feature

Talk 30 min. | 4 congress tickets | 2 newsletter feature

Partner Spezial (ohne Ausstellungsfläche)

Partner Special | Talk 15 min. | 4 congress tickets | 1 newsletter feature | Price excl. VAT CHF 7,500

Talk 15 min. | 4 congress tickets | 1 newsletter feature

All prices are exclusive of VAT at 7.7%.

Additional services

A) In particular, the following additional services must be obtained from the official partners of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MCH") for a fee if you require them:

  • Technical connections (e.g. electricity, water etc.)
  • Event technology
  • Materials handling vehicles
  • Management of empties

You can find details of the individual services of each official partner, which you can order from them as required, in the various service shops (m-manager, Smartlog), along with all prices and all other required information.

The services will be provided directly by MCH’s official partners. Orders can be submitted from spring 2021.

The official partner will contact you receiving your order.

We will bill any services you order from our official partners in the name and on behalf of those official partners in our final invoice and collect the amount due accordingly.

B) The following additional services must be obtained from MCH subject to a charge:

  • Basic presence on the online platform
  • Suspensions (Rigging)
  • Transport and handling of goods (only on the exhibition grounds and with a total weight of > 3.5t)

All prices are in Swiss francs and exclusive of Swiss value added tax of currently 7.7 %.

The services may be provided by MCH itself or by official partners it has enlisted.


By this registration, you confirm that you will take out the following insurance policies with sufficient sums insured and for the duration of the contract:

  • Liability insurance for personal injury and property damage with a sum insured of > CHF 5 million, if the amount covered by the participation package is too low;
  • Property insurance for fire and natural hazards of > CHF 10'000, if the amount covered by the participation package is too low;
  • Transport insurance for all risks (loss and damage including coverage for property damage and losses resulting from damage by third parties, breakages, rust and oxidation, waterlogging, leakages, theft or loss, robbery and damage as a result of all accidents involving means of transport)
  • Exhibition insurance (coverage as for transport insurance but excluding damage that occurs during transportation)

You can submit a request to Baloise Insurance Ltd to take out the insurance policies mentioned above.

Baloise Insurance Ltd
Aeschengraben 21
CH-4002 Basel
Tel. +41 58 285 09 26
Fax +41 58 285 90 29

MCH will request the submission of the relevant insurance certificates approximately two weeks before setup of the exhibition begins. If you are unable to provide MCH with any or all proof of insurance at this time and have not submitted a letter of indemnity to MCH, MCH will purchase the missing insurance policies in its own name but at your expense, which may result in a shortfall in cover. The risk of a shortfall in cover will be accepted and borne by you. The insurance premium and all taxes levied will be invoiced to you with the final invoice.
However, you can also submit a written waiver (letter of indemnity) to us up to two weeks before setup begins, in which you declare that you wish to waive the purchase of insurance by MCH.


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The personal data recorded in this form will be saved and used to process your registration and as part of the performance of the Exhibitor Agreement. The processing may be carried out by MCH itself or by contract processors it has enlisted.

By registering, you declare that you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Declaration and that you accept this.